Marvaan Pariani, better known as Marvin or dopemarvin95 for his music and by his friends, is an R&B singer and hip-hop/rap artist from
McAllen, Texas.


Marvin exploring his musical boundaries at a young age, but really took the hip hop scene serious at 13. Spitting flows with friends and
recording in a closet, Marvin came from humble beginnings. Now at 17, he records in state of the art studios and solely dedicates his time
to his music and fans.

Marvin has a string of things he loves outside of music as well. His love for sports is emphatic. He really admires the game of basketball and plays it a lot in his spare time. As well as football with friends. He appreciates art of all kinds, from drawing to playing instruments such as the piano.

Marvin’s inspiration for music comes from his favorite artists, Chris Brown and Trey Songz. He says that listening to the passion that they
put in their music and the love and dedication they have to their fan bases, really pushed him to indulge in that same way of strategy to
showing love and always putting that ahead of everything else.

Marvin loves performing and being on stage more than anything else. He claims himself an entertainer/performer first and recording artist
second. On stage is where he out shines and really puts his all out on the plate!
As Marvin progresses and grows into a great artist in all aspects, he never forgets his roots that brought him to where he is. God, family,
friends, music, love, and of course his fans. With every step forward he makes, we all follow right behind.

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Follow Marvin on Twitter and Instagram, @dopemarvin95, and subscribe
to his YouTube channel too!



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