Octane Hookah Lounge

Octane Hookah Lounge is trying to share our hookah wealth with those who need a great hookah session every now and again. At the moment we are currently providing our services at the hottest spot in McAllen, TX BARCELONA in the ICE HOUSE DISTRICT located on 11th and business 83.

Octane Hookah Lounge has been making it’s mark in the Edinburg/McAllen area since 2006 with over 15 signature blends such as Paradise, Smoke of Champions, and many more. What is a hookah? A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed water pipe device for smoking flavored tobacco. The tobacco has molasses (flavoring) instead of tar and in a 250gm jug of flavored tobacco there is only .05% nicotine. A hookah operates by a burning coal placed at the top of a tobacco bowl where it burns through the tobacco vaporizing the molasses and honey which produces smoke that then travels through the down-stem where it is filtered by ice & water to create a great tasting smoke that leaves you relaxed and a little lightheaded buzz, well that’s our interpretation at least.

Questions or comments about hookahs reach us at 956-292-8161 or 956-821-0117 ask for (BOSS) Joshua J. Peralez, C.E.O. or (WEEZ) Jon Andrew Alvarez, D.M.